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ReThink Campaign Program

ReThink Campaign Program


ReThink Project is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity initiates by TBANK. Based on the sufficiency economy philosophy of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the project has been implemented continuously for four consecutive years. The objective is to create and develop a social economy, ensuring that it is stable and sustainable. To achieve this, members of the general public are provided with knowledge and guidelines on financial discipline, which are introduced under the slogan “Rethink, Use Money Wisely, and Feel Happiness”.



In 2018, TBANK publicized the project in numerous formats via various channels, using the concept of “A Series of Rethink Second”. Messages were transmitted in the form of video clips about everyday life stories and a second just before a person from a different group of people decides to make a payment. The person may belong to a group of teenagers, working age population, or a group of seniors. The objective is to raise the awareness of the important time just before making a financial decision. If one could rethink and change one’s payment behavior in the present, it could serve as a good starting point for achieving financial stability and sustainable happiness in the future. In this connection, the video clips were further developed and produced in various formats in order to broaden knowledge and understanding of a wider public.

Moreover, in order to inculcate members of the public with the financial discipline and the financial management which are easy to understand and could be practically implemented in real-world settings, TBANK produced a series of “T-Money Tips” video clips, aiming at introducing to the public tips, secrets, and suggestions about everyday finance management, including income tax calculation and retirement financial planning, among others. The video clips and other financial knowledge were publicized through TBANK’s various channels such as Facebook, LINE, television sets at branches, and its website ( throughout the year.


In 2017, TBANK publicized the program in numerous formats via various channels throughout the year. Among others, these included development of nuggets of financial wisdom, which could be applied to everyday life. In this connection, video clips about roles models in the society, who prepared effective financial plans and budgets were developed and broadcasted on TV and social media sites including YouTube and Faceboook of TBANK

Moreover, in order to make financial discipline and personal finance easy to understand in every stage of life, TBANK developed both print books and E-Books, aiming at inculcating in members of the general public a wake-up call on the importance of changing spending habits, living within one’s means, and disciplining oneself into saving money. Taking into account the change in the target groups’ information acquisition behavior in the digital world, TBANK also introduced and presented intermittently contents, advice, and knowledge about personal financial management throughout the year via its other communication channels for public relations, which included Facebook, Line, and website (

In this connection, TBANK’s program produced a 3-minute video clip titled “A rich man’s sons”, which went viral. It was about the story of an ordinary family consisting of a father and his children who lived a very simple life but full of happiness, mainly because the father inculcated positive attitudes and perspective of self-sufficient lifestyle in his children. The video which was distributed through TBANK’s various channels in 2015 was selected as “a PR clip for promoting moral conduct” and also won an honorable plaque of Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha.


In implementing the project in 2016, Thanachart Group made publicity and propagation about the project in a continuous manner, with focus on development of contents in relation to financial literacy that was useful for daily living. The contents were broadcast through various television programs. In addition, the program was publicized, using video clips the provided financial literacy in the form of stories about famous people at each stage of their lives. The stories offered different points of view and different methods for managing personal finance. Taking into account the evolving digital society and the change in information acquisition behavior, the contents about personal financial management, awareness raising and promotion of financial discipline as well as advice on how to manage finance, were distributed through social media including Thanachart Bank’s Facebook, Instagram, Line application, and website (


Thanachart Group created a 3-minute video clip titled ‘A rich man’s sons’. It was about a story of a family consisting of a father and his two sons. While he was just a very ordinary person, they were a very happy family. He inculcated positive attitudes and perspective of self-sufficient lifestyle in his children by raising them with love, teaching them to apply positive thinking to things around them, teaching them not to be extravagant with money, to save, to be careful in spending, and to make best use of what they have. As a result, the children did not feel that their family was poorer than others. The campaign also publicized thought-provoking infographic clips and articles, the purpose of which was to share financial knowledge through social media including TBANK’s Facebook, YouTube, and The financial knowledge was delivered into four topics including 1) Know how to save and how to invest, 2)Know how to borrow, 3) Know how to plan, and 4) Know how to spend money. In addition, the Group organized a number of activities related to spending and saving money with discipline for interested members of general public and mass media representative. In 2015, the video clip went viral with more than 1,400,000 views. As well, Thanachart Bank regularly shared the clip with its customers via its internal TVs networks at branches and offices nationwide.

Rethink,happiness equation from Thanachart Bank

Rethink, know how to use money, and find happiness